Hello fellow trad dance musicians,

I’m reaching out on behalf of CDSS regarding two items that we hope may be of interest to some of you.  (Apologies if you are on a few Shared Weight lists as I'm sending similar messages to many of the lists.)

1. Are you offering any online events for traditional dance, music, and/or song?
Many of you may know of this but in case you don't.... 
CDSS is maintaining an extensive list of online events and we would be happy to include your events as part of the list. Events can be free, by donation, or involve a fee. Take a quick peek - there are jam sessions, online concerts, workshops, sings, etc.

We’ve been sharing the event listing widely through our network and we feature a handful of events each week through social media.

Check out the event listing here: https://www.cdss.org/community/covid19/online-events 

Submit an online event here: https://www.cdss.org/community/events-calendar/submit-an-event 


2. Do you know of great resources for children and parents who enjoy traditional dance, music, and/or song?

We would love to include them as part of the new Families section of our Resource Portal which is officially launching this weekend.  A few notes:

-These particular resources need to be free (or for sale in the CDSS store). 

-If you’re not familiar with other sections of our Resource Portal, the format of resources vary greatly (e.g., link to external website; online video; audio clip; PDF of an activity).

-At this critical time of physical distancing, we're particularly looking for resources that parents can access online.  However, we welcome other resources as well (e.g., lists of books they can find in their local library).

Check out the Families section here (in development): https://www.cdss.org/resources/resource-portal/families

Submit a resource here: https://www.cdss.org/share-your-resource


With thanks!

Emily Addison

Writing from Ottawa, ON

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