Here's one that I "wrote", not sure if it's original or not, but it has the mirror A and B parts:

Is this a New Dance?   DI
A1    LLFB
       Circle L .75, to face P up and down
A2    DSD P, Sw P
           or B & S Partner,
       (My choice depends  on whether there are many new dancers for whom a 16-count balance and swing might be too much)
B1    LLFB
       Circle RIGHT .75, to face N up and down
B2    DSD N, Sw N  or B & S N

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That looks like 'Will You Marry Me' by Seth Tepfer

Other ones that come to mind

Hey in the barn by Chart(?) Gutherie
Tinkie Winkie by Ron Buchannon

I am sure there are several others

Mac McKeever

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Two questions. First I collected the following dance long ago. Does anyone know the author and title?

Becket formation.

A1: Circle L 3/4
      Flatten circle to wavy line or 4, woman in middle.
      Balance wave. W alla main L 1 x.

A2: N Bal & Swing.

B1: Circle L 3/4
        Flatten circle to wavy line of 4, women in middle.
        Balance wave. W alla main L 1 x.

B2: P Bal & Swing.
        Slide L to progress.

In this dance, the A and B parts are essentially mirror image repetitions of each other. Do you know of any other dances where the A and B parts repeat in a similar way? The only other dance that I know of that does this is Chart Guthrie’s Hey in the Barn.

Thanks, Rich Hart.

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