Hello Judy,

I found the Dick Leger album with Roger Whynot contras.  I remember dancing many of these at East Hill Farm with Dick Leger.

SW Contra
Alternate Duple/Double Progression, No P Swg

A1 N DSD, N Swg
A2 Face Across Flutterwheel, Sweep 1/4, Star Thru
B1 Circle Left, Circle Right
B2 Promenade Across, R&L Thru

Eighteenth of January
Alternate Duple/Double Progression, No P Swg

A1 N DSD, N Swg
A2 Square Thru, Slide Thru, Meet New Neighbor, Join Hands w/New Neighbor
B1 Circle Left, Circle Right
B2 Lad Chain, Chain Back

Route 61
Alternate Duple, No P Swg 
(This is listed as a Double Progression. Is it?)

A1 Across the Set RH Balance, Turn Half by Right, R&L Thru & Courtesy Turn 1/4 More
A2 Promenade Wholeset, Wheel Around & Comeback
B1 Lad Chain, Chain Back
B2 New N Swg, LL F&B

Sue's Delight
Alternate Duple Single Progression
The Sweep 1/4 are indicated as with vines.

A1 Holding your P hand, Balance as Couples R, then L, Sweep 1/4, Lad Chain to N
A2 Lad Chain to P, Holding N Hand, Balance as Couples R, the Left, Sweep 1/4
B1 R&L Thru, Star Thru, Circle Half,  
B2 Pass Thru & Swg, LL F&B

These contras are all on the first side of the LP "A Modern Style Contra Dance Party".
Each dance would all be a tough sell today, since there are no Partner Swings.

More to come,
Rich Sbardella
Stafford, CT

On Wed, Jul 19, 2017 at 9:48 AM, Rich Sbardella <richsbardella@gmail.com> wrote:

Dick Leger published an LP of contras written by Roger Whynot.  The LP was aimed at square dancers and included Flutter Wheel and Sweep 1/4 More.  Perhaps I will be able to find it later and post some dances.

I called contras at the New England Square and Round Dance Convention this year and the dancers enjoyed contras that I also call at modern contra dances,  Keep the progressions simple, and keep the swings short.

Stafford, CT

On Tue, Jul 18, 2017 at 10:28 PM, Judy Greenhill via Callers <callers@lists.sharedweight.net> wrote:

Hi everyone,

I have undertaken to teach some modern square dancers how to contra dance, and I’m wondering if anyone has experience with this and has any dances to recommend? I’m a square dancer myself but most of my contra repertoire is for modern contra dancers- 2 swings, lots of Balance and swing, etc. I’d like more dances with MWSD moves in them and possibly without any, or only 1, swing, and they don’t need to have a partner swing. The dancers I am teaching are all either plus or advanced, so they will tire pretty quickly of the usual simple glossary contras I would normally do in a teaching situation. They can do the moves; it’s the formation that is new to them.





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