There’s a really neat oddball one by Erik Hoffman called “The Millennium Bug”. Not sure what book of his it is in, though.

There’s another traditional one called “Pride of the Pingle” for four couples +1. Line up as for a reel of four couples, doesn’t really matter if it is proper or not. The lone person stands at the top center of the set above the first couple and faces down.

Pride of the Pingle    9 people, 4 couple (proper) set and one extra    Traditional

A1) All up a double and back without taking hands, while the “Pingle” goes down a double and back between them, 2X
A2) All allemande right partners half way, turn around and allemande left partners half way back. While this happens, the “Pingle” joins in the first couple’s allemande with their right hand to form a little right hand star of three. This moves the “Pingle” down one place, and they can then stick out their left hand and join the left allemande of couple 2 as a little group of 3.
This is then repeated, with all continuing to allemande right partners half way, allemande left partners half way back, as the “Pingle” joins in right with couple 3, and then left with couple 4 to reach the bottom. A lot to say but easier to do.
B1) The “Pingle” then joins on to one or other of the long lines (in the old strictly proper form they would join their gender role line, but nowadays and in family dances it’s just join a line). The lines of four and five then go forward and back twice, pushing the longer line up the set to push out a new unmatched “Pingle” at the top. 
B2) All then swing the person across from them that they are matched with, except the new “Pingle”. 

I heard it called “Pride of the Pingle” but somewhere I also saw it as “Pride of the Dingle” so I’m not perfectly sure which name it is. 


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The Prime Minister aka The New Parliament House Jig

I descends into the usual chaos, but lots of fun

/Andy Shore
Santa Cruz, CA

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Can anyone suggest a 9-person dance?  I'm aware of the traditional Nine-Pin, and Monkey in the Middle by Sherry Nevins.


Richard Fischer

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