Once or twice a night, remind the dancers to hydrate and tell them where to find the punch bowl, drinking fountains, etc. If there are a lot of newcomers, they may not know where the water source is located (and you can joke that it's included with the price of admission....who can resist!).  Make it clear that you won't be starting the next dance for a few minutes - this encourages hydration, plus many dancers will be happy for the quick break and a chance to move to the side of the hall where they can mingle and find their next partner without fear that they'll be left out.
Sue Gola
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Hi Shared Weight,
I'd like to hear some examples of things you as a caller (or you as an organizer encouraging callers) say on the mic during a dance to promote positive dance values.
I ask because I'm reviewing my own dance's "calling our dance" communication with callers, as well as evaluating my own statements on mic.
I'll get us started.
I like to say, a couple times per evening, for dancers to look to the sidelines for dancers who were sitting out, in considering a partner.
In dance,
Ron Blechner
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