Here is the dance, with notes,  as listed on Michael Dyckís comprehensive web site:
As Paul Wilde pointed out, the dance is Becket formation. I have never tried calling it.

Allen Ortep's First Contra                      Top
Becket Counter Clockwise                        Intermediate-Advanced
Michael Fuerst                                  February 1998

A1      Star left
        Right and left through on right diagonal

A2      Long lines forward, on the way back, partners roll away with a 1/2 sashe
        Circle right 3/4, pass through along set by left shoulder
           to meet couple passed during the right and left of A1

B1      Balance and swing this neighbor.

B2      Allen Ortep turn (balance in a circle, then move as an individual
           to the left one place in the circle while twirling counterclockwise)
        Partners swing.

Alternatives for B2 are
        Men allemande left 1 1/2, partners swing, or
        Star left 3/4, men turn back, partners swing
Those unfamiliar with the famous dance composer Allen Ortep,
   should spell his name backwards

On Jun 18, 2017, at 10:33 PM, Mark Hillegonds via Callers <> wrote:

Hi all,

Allen Ortep's First Contra was shared with this group in November, 2012. Just wondering if anyone has successfully called this dance. I ask because I've tried a few times with some adventurous and skilled dancers and have never gotten it to work. So I'm wondering if I have the instructions right.

I tried searching the SharedWeight archives and am not getting any results. (In fact, I get no results even if I search for Contra. So now I'm feeling very technologically challenged!)

Below are the instructions as I copied then and then double-checked the time.

Does anyone see any mistakes or have any other thoughts? Thanks.

Allen Ortepís First Contra
by  Michael Fuerst

A1 -----------
(8) LH star
(8) R diag R & L thru
A2 -----------
(4,4) LL F & B,     On way back, Gents roll Partner R to L
(6,2) Circle R 3/4,     Pass thru (along)
B1 -----------
(16)  New Neighbor B & S
B2 -----------
(4,4) Rings balance,     Spin to L
(8) Partner swing

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