Here are a two more

Diagonal Discovery – Gene Hubert                                                         Becket

A1    LL F&B
(L Diag Gents) Gents Look Left Alle L 1½

A2    with New (L Diag) N B&S

B1    Circle Left ¾, pass thru
          P Sw

B2    ½ Hey gents pass L Sh
P Sw (or 2-hand turn)

An excellent dance. Give the dancers the option of a two hand turn or a swing in B2.

The Gang of FourGene Hubert                                   Becket

A1    Circle Left ¾
          N Sw

A2    N Promenade around whole set gents towards the center
Ladies Turn back, NEW N Sw

B1    Big Circle Left until opposite your partner

B2    Ladies Alle R 1½
          P Sw

On Fri, Sep 22, 2017 at 8:10 PM Maia McCormick via Callers <> wrote:
Thanks for all your contributions, folks!

To avoid a conflict, have officially renamed this dance to "Neighbor, Neighbor On the Wall" (it had a nice ring at the time, don't worry about it). 

On Fri, Sep 22, 2017 at 1:05 PM, Bob Isaacs <> wrote:

Hi Maia:

If you're looking for something new, this was just written at the Labor Day Dance Away.  Jerry Tobin won the raffle, and asked for a swing-to-swing transition:

Eight Years and Still Swinging


A1.  Long lines, ladies chain to N1

A2.  Balance, Petronella, balance, Petronella

B1.  N1 swing and roll off . . , N2 swing

B2.  Gents allemande L 1 1/2, partner swing

BTW, the title Good Fences was chosen for another auction dance this summer, this one for Margaret Pigman, Gregg Gorin, and Dan Vilter at Amweek 2017.


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Subject: [Callers] Multiple N swings / does this dance exist?
Hey folks,

Looking for a dance with multiple swings with the same N, and also preferably a P b&s, for a workshop I'm running on in-dance communication. Anyone have one to recommend?

On a similar note, this is the dance I tossed off to fill this need: does it exist? If not, tentatively titling it "Good Fences".

A1: long lines forward and back
(new) N swing
A2: ladies chain to P
half hey (ladies pass R)
B1: P b&s
B2: gents alle. L 1 1/2
(same) N swing

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