Let me try this again.  Coal Country Contra by Ron Buchanan

A1:  women Rh pull across, neighbor Allemand left 1.5, men alm R 1.5

A2:  partner balance and swing

B1:  R&L thru, partner rollaway(W rolls left), men Dosado (and men stand still in place)

B2:  women Dosado and walk behind her partner to stand on his right side (progression CCW), lines forward and back (adjusting to face new couple across)

Jim Williams 
Lawrence, KS

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Hi all,

I'm re-vamping my list of simple contra dances for new callers, and am in search of a very particular sort of becket dance.  The list is one of my hand-outs for callers' classes at camps, so the folks who'll be using it are likely to be nervous, brand-new callers.  To that end, I'm looking for sturdy, hard-to-break, low-piece-count dances.  In a perfect world they'd be composed of simpler glossary figures.

I already have a fair collection of simple dances to choose from, but would like to include one more becket dance (I have Tica Tica Timing already on the list).  This perfect becket that I'm looking for should _not_ start with circle L 3/4, and should not contain petronella twirls.  Bonus points if it doesn't have a whole hey, since I've already got a couple of whole hey dances in the list.

Hi Kalia,

Here are two easy dances that may look similar at first glance but are actually pretty different:

1. Hot Buttered Rolls
Perry Shafran

slice left, rollaway P on the way back (ladies)
long lines forward, rollaway P on the way back (gents)
ladies allemande right 1+1/2
N swing
circle left 3/4
P do si do
P balance, swing

2. Pizza Shop
Yoyo Zhou

slice left
ladies chain
ladies allemande right 1
N swing
down the hall; turn as couples
circle left 3/4
P swing

Yoyo Zhou
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