Twitter was not successful for us after a year of effort. See

We poll newcomers at the door. Word of mouth (or personal networks) is by far the most successful method. Facebook, websites, and MeetUp are also successful. It’s not unusual to hear “I did a web search” from both experienced dancers visiting the area and people who’ve never danced. MeetUp costs a LOT of money though, so one needs to piggyback on some existing group and contribute to their costs. Therefore we often exhort dancers to bring a friend in most of our messages (FB, web, email, signage, and during announcements).

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Hi all,
              Has anyone had any success at getting new people along to dances by using Twitter or Instagram?
              If so, please do you have any advice on:
How to get started?
What sort of material to post?
Who to Follow to see some successful usage?
            Happy dancing,                          
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