And for the comprehensive exploration of terminology of this nature and its rationale, see the explorations and essays of Larry Jennings in his two books, published by the New England Folk Festival Association (NEFFA)

Give and Take (2004)
also available via CDSS

full title:

   a sequel to ZESTY CONTRAS, featuring
   628 Dances in the New England Style,
   Provocative remarks, Exhortative essays
   and Arcane Analyses 

and also

Zesty Contras (1983)

Full title:

Zesty Contras: 
  A Selection of 500 New England Style Dances 
  with a Provocative Explanatory Text

and.. some background to Larry Jennings:

CDSS Lifetime Contribution Award 2004—Larry Jennings Honored

Mark Jones

On Sat, Sep 12, 2015 at 4:47 PM, Jack Mitchell via Callers <> wrote:
> In your hands 4, the other opposite role person is still your neighbor.  The person across from you is generally that person -- your neighbor.  In the long lines, the people who are in the same position in their hands 4 as your partner are shadows -- generally you have 2 that you interact with, but sometimes more.  Some people just use the term opposite interchangeably with neighbor.  In squares, things are more definite.  The person across from you is your opposite, the person next to you not your partner is your corner, the person on the other diagonal is your RH lady / LH gent, and as Larry Edilman reminded us at Pinewoods this year, there isn't any *$% neighbor in square dancing.  :-)
> On Sat, Sep 12, 2015 at 4:41 PM Jeremy Child via Callers <> wrote:
>> Hi Everyone
>> In a normal (1s improper) contra, you start with your partner across from you and your neighbour next to you.  Anyone outside the minor set is a new neighbour / shadow / something else.
>> In a Becket formation, you start with your partner next to you.  Who's opposite you - your neighbour or your opposite? If it's your opposite, who's your neighbour?  Is it the person next to you who isn't your partner? (I have seen it used this way.)
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