I've gotten good mileage out of "Up the Sides and Down the Middle" (which has its own tune that changes meters in the B part, but works just fine to bouncy jigs, polkas, etc.)

UP THE SIDES AND DOWN THE MIDDLE (CDM, own tune or any bright jig)

Long set for four to six couples.  (Seven is doable but makes the timing tight).

A1: Step-swing balance in lines twice; cross over with polka step.

A2: Repeat to places

B1: (Reel time) 1s down the middle (walking, 8 bars) while 2s lead a single
    cast (polka step) down, then up through the 1s moving arch.

[I can never get the dances to actually do B1 as described. The 1s zoom down the middle, they get there before the 2s (and everybody else) get to the bottom, so the trip takes longer than eight bars.  I make B2 "swing when you get there if there's time". ]

B2: Swing partners.

(Repeat until 1s at top again).

-- Alan Winston

On 9/19/2018 1:55 PM, Rick Mohr via Callers wrote:
I call a small monthly dance for teenagers, a blast and interesting in many ways.

We always do a few barn dances -- great fun, and a nice break from worrying about progressing the wrong way and ending swings on the wrong side. But the kids are smart and game, so most of the family dances in my box are too easy.

Here are some favorites. Have other good ones to add?

Bottoms Up - https://www.barndances.org.uk/detail.php?Title=Bottoms_Up
Country Bumpkin - https://www.barndances.org.uk/detail.php?Title=Country_Bumpkin
Falling Masonry - http://www.ceilidhcalling.co.uk/danceviewpage.php?id=33
Firehose Reel
Intersection Reel
Roll the Arches
Sashay the Donut
Waves of Tory

Dances that can include everybody are best (longways, circles) rather than fixed-size sets (squares, triplets) where some people have to sit out. 



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