Hello all,

When I get an inquiry about calling for a gig that I can't do, I often refer them to the same handful of local callers that I know. But it's not always the most useful if the inquiry came from far away.

I've been thinking about trying to create a caller database; with geographic home-base of caller and contact information.

I know there are lists of callers out there, such as Charlie's excellent contra dance links and Dance Gypsy. I was thinking it would be useful to have it in database format where it could be sorted and filtered.

I'd also like for folks to be able to submit themselves, as opposed to having to compile them.

‚ÄčI've taken a first pass at creating a google form that allows people to submit information; with a linked spreadsheet that would allow people to filter based on what they're looking for (both geographically and dance style). My hope is to eventually develop a front end to help filter that information, but for now I'm just sharing it in a database.

As a caller, would you fill it out? As an organizer, would you use it? Is there any information I've missed that you'd want, or something I've included you'd rather not have?

The survey is at:

The spreadsheet of (currently sparse) results:

I'd appreciate feedback on the survey; as well as a folks filling it out to see how useful filtering the database is (and eventually test the front end).