Thanks for the suggestion.  The rule was sent to me days befor the gig and it took my mind a good long while to process and work through it.  The organizer knows my concerns.

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Here was my issue, briefly :  I was told to use "walk around" when calling at glen echo.  It also happens that I'm a western square caller and have used "walk around your corner, see saw your taw" for decades.

Here is an opportunity to say to the organizers, "I understand your intent is to avoid certain language, but your proposed substitute doesn't work for me because I use 'walk around' to mean something else. I would prefer to use [such and such] or another alternative to avoid confusion. Does that work for your community?" This is a conversation between you and the organizers, which will ideally result in clearer communication at the dance itself. But if they don't want to budge, then you've hopefully communicated that their rigidness is hindering you from presenting a good program. After all, we're here to serve the dancers.

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