One Shy of Twenty                        Feb 1998               
Becket Counterclockwise                         Intermediate-Advanced

A1      Long lines forward and back, roll away on the way back
        Circle right 3/4, pass neighbor by left shoulder

A2      Do-si-do a second neighbor 1 1/2 to face a third neighbor
        Swing the third neighbor, end facing across

B1      Hands across left hand  star with 3rd neighbor
        Hands across right hand star with 2nd neighbor

B2      With second neighbors,
           Men do-si-do each other, WHILE
           Women exchange places by turning back over their left
              shoulders and orbiting counterclockwise 1/2 way
              around the do-si-do'ing men
        Partners swing, end facing across

End Effects:

        When out at the end with partner, do as much of the dance as they can, 
as follows:
a) participate in the forward and back and roll away across the set
b) do-si-do 1 1/2 with partner across the set, then swing a neighbor
c) during either the neighbor or partner swing, swing with partner 
  and face back in as one would for an improper dance (man on left
  women on right)
d) otherwise, just wait with partner
        Named for the 1998 19th Swing into Spring dance weekends, all organized 
at McCormack's Creek State Park in Spencer IN
        by Tom and Andrea Morrison of Bloomington IN
Michael Fuerst      802 N Broadway      Urbana IL 61801      217 239 5844
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