There are some others.  Seth Topher and I have each written one with Spin the top.

I wrote one, not a great dance, with single circle to an ocean wave.  It's in my first book.  If you don't have it I'll be glad to send it to you.

Tag the line is in many dances including a nice one written by Bob D.  I must say that some interpretations of tag the line have been way off the mark.

I used scoot back in my dance, Lisa's Contra although I don't call it that.

Flutter wheel has been used by many.  Flutterwheel and reverse the flutter is in one of mine called The Mixing Bowl is you're looking for a challenging dance.

You may want to take a look at Steve Schnur's 24 of June (or is it January).  As I understand it the dance was written without his knowing about the MWSD circulate family of moves.

Don't forget pass the ocean.  Turn through is sometimes used in combination with swing through like in Batja's Breakdown.


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I'm preparing for a workshop at a dance weekend in November where the theme will be contra dances that incorporate square dance moves.

I have a number dances with square thrus and swing thrus and box circulates. However, these moves are fairly well known at this point. This will be an advanced group of dancers so I'm looking for dances that incorporate more unique and sophisicated moves.

I know Bob Isaacs has several that quality, with dances that use Spin the Top and Spin Chain Exchange the Gears.

Looking forward to seeing what you may have.

Mark Hillegonds

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