Thanks, everyone for the quick and helpful responses. 

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I just joined by going to the following link:


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April Blum here. I will happily join the organizers group if you can point me in the right direction. On Jun 24, 2017 4:13 PM, Chris Weiler via Callers <> wrote:

Hi Everyone,


The other SharedWeight lists are fairly low traffic, but there is something that people can do about that. The more people ask questions, the more the members of the list remember that it’s there as a resource and the more questions that are posted. The Caller’s list got started because I was a new caller and had lots of questions and got the ball rolling. The other lists (Musicians, Organizers & Web Content) need people to get the ball rolling. Once the momentum gets started, more people join and the more information gets shared. I hope that some of you will take it upon yourselves to join those lists and get things going.


All the best,

Chris Weiler

Co-founder SharedWeight



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There is, though it's low-traffic.  But people are generally responsive when someone asks a question. I think this is the link that takes you to a page that tells you about it.




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A brand new baby contra band is eager to learn more. Is there a list like this one for musicians?

Bree Kalb

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