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Rhonda's on the Razzle (March 2004).

Longways duple improper

32-bar reels

A1 1-2 (Two-handed) neighbor balance

3-4 Petronella spin right (90? still facing neighbor)

5-8 Hey (pass neighbor right to start, finish facing neighbor, ladies on the outside)

A2 1-2 Neighbor allemande right ?

3-4 Men orbit clockwise ? while ladies allemande left ?

5-6 Neighbor allemande right ?

7-8 Ladies orbit clockwise ? while men allemande left ?

B1 1-8 Neighbor gypsy & swing

B2 1-8 Partner swing (in the center, end facing new neighbor, up or down)


The dance needs plenty of space along the line.

After the Petronella in A1 the dancers are in a line of four across the set, ladies facing in and men facing out.

You work with your neighbor for the whole dance, except for the final swing.

The movement in B2 is like a Give and Take except that no-one ?takes? - you just move forward and swing your partner in the center.

It is nice to end the swing in B1 opened out to face partner but keeping arms behind your neighbor?s back, ready to sweep forward at the start of B2.

If the music is leisurely and the dancers proficient then the gypsy in B1 may well migrate to the end of A2.

The track in A2 is a Modern Western Square figure called Double Spin The Top.

Written and 1st performed at Wroughton Folk Dance Club on Mar 17, 2004

Michael Barraclough




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There are some others. ?Seth Topher and I have each written one with Spin the top.

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