Thanks for the dances, all!

I suppose I should restate my question a little: for you, what sort of things make a hey-spanning-two-phrases feel like it WORKS? To quote Jerome, what makes it seem like "a feature and not a bug"?

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Take All of the Credit, None of the Blame by Larry Elderman has a full hey with bonus balances that spans 24 beats, if this is similar to what you're looking for:

A1 N dosido 1.25 to short wavy lines (8); bal R-L (4), N alle rt 1/2, men alle left 1/2
A2 give P your right hand and bal (4), 1/2 (pass by right) to the other side (8), give P your right hand and balance
B1 1/2 hey, P swing
B2 prom; ladies chain

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I wrote a simple square "Hey Square, Let's Dance" that has the hey crossing phrases.
It must be called Heads, Sides, Heads, Sides to have a complete mixer square.

A1 Heads Lead Right & Circle to a Line, F&B
A2 Ladies Chain, Start a Full Hey
B1 Finish the Hey, Swing the one you meet
B2 Promenade

I have only shared this with one caller, and she remarked that the hey crosses phrases, and she would not use it.
I must often use it wit singing calls, or square dance music that has strong 8 beat phrasing.

Bob Isaacs "To Turn a Phrase" has the Oval crossing phrases.  I have danced it when it feels good, but also when it did not.  I think the music selection is more critical.

Rich Sbardella

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Hi folks, 

I'm running up against a wall in a dance I'm currently writing, and it's making me wonder: what dances, if any, have a full hey that spans two sections* and really WORKS?  I feel like in general, if I danced such a dance, I would roll my eyes at the choreographer "breaking the rules", but I can also imagine delightful dances a hey spanning two phrases that justify their own existence and feel great to dance.

Thoughts? Dances to point me to?

As always, in dance,

* e.g. hey occurs during the last eight counts of B1 and the first eight of B2

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