Rick, thanks! Just signed to lead a 6 week afterschool program. Have 2 -3 musicians who have offered to help but just in case! And, I am always looking for music to practice to! Great help. Some tracks I don't already have.

Mary Collins

On Fri, Feb 28, 2020, 10:23 AM Rick Mohr via Contra Callers <contracallers@lists.sharedweight.net> wrote:
After 25 years of calling to only live music I started a teen dance which so far has a pretty limited budget. So I've found a bunch of album tracks we can dance to -- see below for the ones we use.

While I have a lot of great tracks I'd love to find more for variety, especially with 11-14 times through where I don't have as many. Any ideas for me?



Here's a spreadsheet showing the tracks we use (with tempos and number of times through):

And here's my album list (showing how many tracks we use from each.

Airdance -- Airdance (1)
Airdance -- Cloud Nine (2)
Assembly -- Other Side Of The Tracks (1)
Becky Tracy, Keith Murphy, Andy Davis -- Any Jig or Reel (7)
Berea Castoffs -- Folk Buddha's Path to Enlightenment
Big Bandemonium -- The Big Bang (1)
Elixir -- Rampant (1)
Great Bear -- Magic Fantasy Dream Dance (3)
Great Bear Trio -- Dancing Again (1)
Mary Cay Brass & Friends -- Green Mountain (3)
Rodney & Randy Miller -- New England Chestnuts Vol. II (2)
Susan Kevra -- Full Swing (5)
Wild Asparagus -- Live at the Guiding Star Grange (3)
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