I try and call the dances of Rich Blazej whenever I can and this one's a Halloween favorite, re-done as "Werewolves and Zombies".

Garfield's Escape -- circle of couples PLUS ONE EXTRA in the center (Garfield)

A1  All into the center EIGHT steps and back, menacing the Garfield
A2  Circle left, circle right

B1  Women (werewolves) promenade single file to the right, while men (zombies) "star" by the right -- each man puts his right hand on right shoulder of the man in front - including Garfield.

B2  Caller hollers "Escape!" ("Boo!", or maybe "Braaaiiins") and all men run to the outside and swing with a woman in the outer circle. A new Garfield remains in the center.

Rich himself named this after Garfield the comic-strip cat, way back when he was cynical and funny (the cat, not Rich).
"The single man remaining at the end of the dance is entitled to a pan of lasagna and some fresh kitty litter".

My favorite normal tune for this is the minor jig Coleraine, played at a slightly slower lurch-y tempo, but if I'm lucky the band'll do the Alfred Hitchcock theme.

Have fun, just thought I'd share -- and I'd love to hear how it goes if you do it, and what variations emerge.