My organization is somewhat idiosyncratic in that aspect.  I organize by the move that I most associate with that particular dance.  When I call that dance, what is generally the key thing that I went to it for?  It works sometimes better than others, and I definitely need to split out "smooth" dances better than they are now, but it has lasted close to 10 years without much change.  A couple of friends have been talking about doing databases that would allow cards to be included in whatever layout you choose (my primary issue with companion), but would then let you "thumb through" the cards that fit a particular criterian -- wavy lines, no allemandes, or balance the ring, no petronella, or whatever.  For me that would be the best of both worlds.  For now, I really like having physical cards that I can sort through.  


On Sat, Apr 8, 2017 at 2:34 PM Kalia Kliban via Callers <> wrote:
Those of you who organize your cards by categories, what do you do when
a dance falls across 2 or more categories?  Do you have multiple cards?
Seems like that would get bulky in a hurry (I'm remembering Becky Hill's
suitcase full of cards).


On 4/8/2017 8:36 AM, Joy Greenwolfe via Callers wrote:
> I organize my box by how I think of the components of a program. So I
> have dances arranged by distinctive feature or slot in the program, or
> whatever features sticks out.
> I have my categories color coded by type of move (in the box, not the
> card, necessarily). For instance:
> Orange for easy or basic components, dark green for distinctive (doesn’t
> fit in other categories), yellow for smooth moves, light green for
> balancy, puntuated dances, pink for moves that trade people around,
> other formations, and ONS/family dance formations.    I use those color
> tabs that I can stick onto a card to make a divider.
> You might notice that I also have a split between swirly moves and more
> balancy moves.
> First dances
> Good basic
> Fun ending dances
> Allemandy and stars - basic, swirly
> Gene Hubert (yes, he gets his own swirly category)
> New (dances still early in my use)
> Down the hall
> First Heys
> 1/2 Hey and unusual
> Other Heys
> Gypsy
> Stars
> Swirling/wheeling
> Smooth progression
> UNique/unexpected progressions
> Wavy lines
> Petronellas
> ROM (Rory O’More)
> Box the gnat/star thru
> Rollaways
> Pull By hands/square thru
> Swap & Circulate
> 1/2 Figure 8s/Contra corners
> 1s & 2s, equal/unequal
> Trailbuddy Easy/diagonal
> Trailbuddy complex
> Unusual-Complex-Advanced
> Squares
> Other Formations - 4x4s, triplets
> ONS/Family - longways
> ONS/Family - circles, mixers, others
> In use, I’ll think, "Oh, I’d like something with a rollaway next," so I
> look there. Or if a crowd of newbees walk in, I can go to my easy basic,
> or any of my first few categories.
> You could look at your cards and see which ones clump up into categories
> of similar dances, and where you need to bolster your collection.   See
> what works for you!
> Joy Greenwolfe
> Durham, NC
>> On Apr 8, 2017, at 12:40 AM, Cheryl Joyal via Callers
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>> <>> wrote:
>> Thanks Jack !  What a great list !
>> I like some of the ones I was stuck on where to put - e.g. basics.
>> Appreciate it !
>> Cheryl Joyal
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>> <>
>> 630-667-3284 (cell)
>> On Apr 7, 2017, at 11:31 PM, Jack Mitchell <
>> <>> wrote:
>> My current set (probably due for modification / update soon).  In
>> particular, I really need to improve the divisions in "smooth"
>> dances.  But it has served me reasonably well for a while now....  You
>> are welcome to what of it is useful.  Hope it helps!
>> Basics
>> Smooth (with heys)
>> Smooth (without)
>> Orbits
>> Stars
>> Eyes/Gypsy
>> Ring Balance
>> Rory O'Moore
>> Long to Short Waves
>> Waves
>> Allemande (without waves of any sort)
>> Along the set (pull by's, zig zag, big oval promenade, etc)
>> Down the hall
>> Star Promenade
>> Square Thru
>> Tune Specific
>> Proper
>> 4 face 4
>> Contra corners
>> Multiple progression
>> Squares
>> Breaks
>> Singing Squares
>> Mixers
>> One Night Stand / Party Dances

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