I can help on a couple of the dances (I wrote them). Note that Trip to Hubert is a becket. 

#6 Trip To Hubert
Becket CW (progress left)   Will Mentor
A1. Star Right
      Star Left
A2. P Courtesy Turn and Ladies Cross by right shoulder
      N Swing
B1. Gents Allemande L 1.5
      Partner Swing
B2. Long Lines Fwd, on way back Partners Rollaway w/ Half Sashay
      Pass Thru Across
      All turn right 1/4 to face along the side of the set     ladies you are facing our partners back
      Walk Single File along the side to the next 

#8 Mad Robin Landing
Improper      Will Mentor
A1. Neighbor Bal & Swing
A2. Mad Robin Plus** into long waves (8) holding right hands with partner, gents facing out, ladies facing in
      Bal Wave 
      Circulate       ladies walk straight across the set while gents loop right into the spot their partner just vacated
B1. Bal Wave 
      Circulate      gents walk straight across the set while the ladies turn around
      Partner Swing
B2. Ladies Chain      to neighbor
      Star L               face new neighbor

**Mad Robin Plus is a mad robin figure done in 6 beats of music followed by 2 beats of meanwhile action. 
After the N Swing in A1 lock eyes with partner. 
Mad Robin - Gents step forward and Slide R while Ladies Slide L along the side (3)
                   Ladies step forward and Slide R while Gents Slide L along the side (3) you are back to the place you began the mad robin 
Plus Part      Gents Walk Straight Across the set passing neighbor gent by right shoulder while Ladies Slide L along the side into the spot your neighbor just vacated (2) 
                  All end in Long Wavy Lines holding right hands with your partner, gents facing out, ladies facing in.

With a mixed crowd I demo Mad Robin Plus. 
Slow to moderate tempo. If you have the Rodney Miller Airdance CD - listen to Fred Bartell/Jig Jazz. This or something like it works perfectly. 

On Jun 1, 2014, at 6:59 PM, Maia McCormick via Callers wrote:

Hi all,

Cleaning out my pile of notes on excellent and unknown dances again. If anyone knows names/authors for these, shout it out! Thanks so much!



#1: ?????, imp. ("cool shadow dance")

A1: new neighbor balance and swing

A2: ladies bull by right to allemande partner L 3/4; shadow allemande 1 1/2

B1: in wavy lines w/ ladies facing out, balance, spin right to partner (like a half Rory O'Moore); partner swing

B2: circle L 3; do-si-do neighbor 1 1/2 to the next


#2: Becket Left prog.   

Long lines F&B / Ladies chain (to Nbr)

(Petronella) balance ring, spin to Right / Balance ring, spin to Right

    [Square thru two]: Right hand balance w/partner, Pull by partner to face Nbr,

Along set pull by Nbr to face next neighbor

Swing new neighbor

Circle Left / Partners Swing


#3: Imp.

A1: long lines

Gents alle L 1 to short waves (partner in R)

A2: balance, partner alle R to long waves

Balance and circulate

B1: balance and circulate

Balance and partner cross to swing

B2: circle L

Pass thru and swing next

(Greenfield, Halloween Extravadance 2013)


#4: ???, becket

A1: long lines

Circle L

A2: N swing

Next N swing

B1: Prom across and face R

Ladies R 1

B2: shadow swing

Partner swing

(NEFFA 14)

#5: ???, becket

A1: yearn L

Gents chain

A2: bal ring, roll P away

N swing

B1: R/L thru

Ladies chain

B2: bal ring, roll N away

P swing

(NEFFA 14)


#6: ???,  imp

A1: star R

star L

A2: P courtesy turn and ladies cross

Swing N

B1: gents by R(?)

P swing

B2: long lines (and gent roll lady)

Pass thru, turn R, prom single file to next

(NEFFA 14)


#7: ???, imp.

A1: N b&s

Pass ocean and balance

A2: N R , gents pull by L, P R

B1: Shadow alle L 1x

P swing

B2: pass ocean, bal

P R , gents pull by, N R to next N

(NEFFA 14)


#8: a frustrating fragment--loved this dance, but have no idea what the rest of the choreography is!!

mad robin gents in front gents cross for long waves

balance and circ.

Balance and circ

P swing

(NEFFA 14, Saturday)

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