To All of you receiving this note ~ Season’s Greetings! It’s Christmas Eve!

Help is being requested to share and spread news of the first ever Ralph Page Dance Weekend to be on-line. It’s only 3 ½ hours of joy though the Festival is in it’s 33rd year!
Please read this and share it with any organizers of events in your state or region!

The NEFFA web site doesn’t yet have a live link to this event but will soon!

This is especially time sensitive as it scheduled for Jan. 17th, 2021! 
And we’re smack in the middle of each family’s holiday festivities too!

Share this as you are able. Outside of New England many have only heard of this event. 
Here’s a chance to revel in some of the traditions that have come to touch all of our lives so deeply.
Use Facebook or any platform you see fit.

Southern States
Mississippi Valley States
Western States
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From: Don Heinold <>
Subject: Re: NEFFA's 33rd Ralph Page Dance Weekend 2021
Date: December 22, 2020 at 5:08:14 PM EST
To: Frederick Park <>

Hi Fred!

Tod Whittemore said I should contact you for help. First, Happy Holidays to you and your family! I hope you are all remaining safe and well during this terrible and challenging time!

I represent NEFFA's Ralph Page Dance Weekend (RPDW). We are in the final stretch of putting together a gala Virtual Event in the cloud on Zoom on January the 17th.

Here are the preliminary details that we have not finalized yet:


Sunday 01/17/2021(from 1:00-4:15pm)

● The extraordinary duo of Keith Murphy and Becky Tracy in a concert exploring the heritage of New England fiddlers and the contributions of Quebec, Shape Note, and ballad traditions.
Presentations will explore the legacy of Ted Sannella and Ralph Page, premiere New England dance callers, followed by workshops.
There will be sessions on New England Dance History (Callers: Tony Parkes and Tod Whittemore)
Music History (Randy Miller sharing tunes and stories from the Ralph Page era)
The Legacy of New England Callers (David Millstone and David Smukler)
And a music jam (hosted by Keith Murphy and Becky Tracy)
Money Musk Dance Party (perhaps)

I am wondering if you are willing to help me reach the key person(s)/organizers for your areas dance groups. 
That would be the one who does the e-mailing and posts on FB that could help us promote our gala event!

We are most appreciative of your willingness to help.

All the best!

Don Heinold
401.477.4247 mobile

Frederick Park
3377 Halls Chapel Road
Burnsville, NC 28714