Ask, and ye shall receive (except… it’s not the progression)!

Harvesting the Hey (James Hutson and Jeff Spero)

A1 Left diagonal, right and left through
     Straight across, right and left through
A2 Star left once around
     With the next, star right (with shadow, NOT partner)
B1 With previous couple, hey for four (ladies pass right shoulders to start)
B2 Partners balance and swing

On Dec 23, 2017, at 1:00 PM, Lindsey Dono via Callers <> wrote:

Hi Luke,

This looks like the same progression as Nathaniel Jack's Loon on the Lake. With clear teaching, it's a lovely transition. I'd be thrilled to have more dances with a star to hey progression.

Are You 'Most Done by Russell Owen has a different variety of star to hey with the next- the hey is on the diagonal.

Tacoma, WA

On Friday, December 22, 2017, 6:55:29 PM PST, Luke Donforth via Callers <> wrote:

Hello all,

I'm on the road for vacation instead of calling, which means that I don't have easy access to dancers to try things with; so I'm pinging the hive mind.

What do folks think about the transition star->hey with the next.

For instance:

Ladies start left shoulder hey
Neighbor right shoulder gyre and swing
Circle Left 3/4
Partner swing
Ladies chain across
Left hand star 1x

The ladies have their left hand in on the star, and usually I avoid a left with one, left with the next transition; but I feel like the swoopy nature of the hey gives it some slack. It also sets the gents up for a turn over shoulder entry into the hey.

It could be a right shoulder in the middle hey, and a balance and swing. I don't have a passel of dancers to try it with.

What are your thoughts?

Thanks, and happy solstice and return of the light to you all.

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