For what it's worth, our sound engineer used to record some of the dances, start to finish. He used his own sound system to do it, so it was much better than if you were out in the room trying to record. He was getting back into the recording business, so was practicing for his own use. I'm _pretty_ sure we asked permission. I know that some of the bands requested it. At any rate, we have recordings of some entire evenings. Those are really great to practice to. It may be worth asking bands if you can do that. I am not sure the recordings are good enough to actually dance to. I think he was able to filter out the caller's  voice, mostly.

Also, KGB's CD, Volga Notions, is specifically noted as dance-length medleys (7-8 min). As callers we've used that for situations without a band.


On Sat, Feb 29, 2020, 5:41 AM Mary Collins via Contra Callers <> wrote:
Rick, thanks! Just signed to lead a 6 week afterschool program. Have 2 -3 musicians who have offered to help but just in case! And, I am always looking for music to practice to! Great help. Some tracks I don't already have.

Mary Collins

On Fri, Feb 28, 2020, 10:23 AM Rick Mohr via Contra Callers <> wrote:
After 25 years of calling to only live music I started a teen dance which so far has a pretty limited budget. So I've found a bunch of album tracks we can dance to -- see below for the ones we use.

While I have a lot of great tracks I'd love to find more for variety, especially with 11-14 times through where I don't have as many. Any ideas for me?



Here's a spreadsheet showing the tracks we use (with tempos and number of times through):

And here's my album list (showing how many tracks we use from each.

Airdance -- Airdance (1)
Airdance -- Cloud Nine (2)
Assembly -- Other Side Of The Tracks (1)
Becky Tracy, Keith Murphy, Andy Davis -- Any Jig or Reel (7)
Berea Castoffs -- Folk Buddha's Path to Enlightenment
Big Bandemonium -- The Big Bang (1)
Elixir -- Rampant (1)
Great Bear -- Magic Fantasy Dream Dance (3)
Great Bear Trio -- Dancing Again (1)
Mary Cay Brass & Friends -- Green Mountain (3)
Rodney & Randy Miller -- New England Chestnuts Vol. II (2)
Susan Kevra -- Full Swing (5)
Wild Asparagus -- Live at the Guiding Star Grange (3)
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