On a completely different subject, I’ve recently heard term “mid-life crisis” used to describe dance that progress in the middle like this one.  Has anyone else come across the term?



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(Sent this to Chris Page a week ago and no answer!.. so I'm asking the hive mind.)

Using the G-word until there's a widely accepted substitute that doesn't need a footnote to explain. 


from a dance-writing session led by Jeff Spero at a recent dance camp...


This Was Your Idea

by John Kelley, John Bartlett, Sandy Gabucan, Andy Shore

Contra/ Duple Improper


A1 -----------

(8) Gypsy Neighbor1 Right 1.5

(8) Gypsy Neighbor2 Left 1.5

A2 -----------.

(8) Gypsy Neighbor3 Right 1x come back ...

(8) Neighbor2 swing

B1 -----------

(4) Give & Take to Lady's Side

(12) Partner swing

B2 -----------

(8) Right and left through

(8) Balance the ring and spin to the right (petronella) to face N2



Note that the progression happens in A2.

The Petronella into a (right shoulder) Gypsy seems unusual. I don't have any dances in my collection that do that. Dancing it with a test group seemed to be fine.






/Andy Shore

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