I second Donna’s request for hard data, particularly on rising/falling/static attendance. Let’s remember, too, that there are many factors involved in attendance, and also that a series can buck the general trend. The church I attend, part of a national body that has seen steep declines in my lifetime, has grown 30 percent over the last five years – for the right reasons, one hopes.


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Just getting back to this thread, lots to catch up on.

Jeff and Ron:  You both seem like the statisticians here.  Is there any data that reflects where in the country the LGBTQ gender-free dances are and where the communities that use gender-free terminology are? 

Just curious.

Ron:  When you say that local dances attendance is down is there data about that compared to dances where attendance is not down?  Again, looking for information country wide or even geographic area.



Donna Hunt