Hi all,

              I have finally finished working through the magazines and publishing the dances on the Internet, with the kind permission of the EFDSS.  The dances cover all the different genres on both sides of the Atlantic over the last 370 years.


              There are now over 150 dances from the magazines at http://contrafusion.co.uk/DancesEDS.html together with some interesting articles (indexed on that page):


    Dances Mentioned By Thomas Hardy in Under the Greenwood Tree.

    Dancing Sidmouth Review of Sidmouth 1955.

    The "Drops and Raises" in Folk Music by Peter Kennedy in 1949.

    Films from the Past Video of Cecil Sharp dancing circa 1912, plus lots of background information on the creation of the video.

    Jubilee Dance Competition in 1961.

    Meeting Country Dances by Roy Dommett in 1982.

    Ralph Page.

    Some Dorset Reel-Steps.

    The Traditional Social Dance in Northumberland by Grahame Binless and Mike Robson in 1970.

    Village Dance in Cumberland in 1939.

    What do we know about our Dances by J.F. and T.M. Flett in 1966.

    What Makes a Good Dance? by Colin Hume plus the 1986 Dance Search Competition.

    Whose Version is That? Part I Colin Hume looks at the problems of interpreting Playford Dances from the original books.

    Whose Version is That? Part II Colin Hume looks at the problems of interpreting Playford Dances from the original books.


              The magazines are:

E.F.D.S News 1921 to 1936

English Dance & Song 1936 to 1989


              I am missing about 10 magazines; I will be going to the Vaughan Williams Memorial Library at Cecil Sharp House to work on those when I get time.


              Thanks to all those who have already contributed with advice, information and corrections.  Please let me know if you can add anything to any of these pages.


              Happy New Year!


            Happy dancing,                               



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