Ummm.....Snake River Reel does not have a partner fact, your partner is almost irrelevant for the whole dance!

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Hi, Rich,

Here are a few more for your consideration:

Labor of Love, Kathy Anderson
Alter-Ations, Jim Kitch
Blue-Haired Girl, Chuck Roth
Chrus Jig (Traditional) - Not modern, but still widely appreciated
ContraQuad, Seth Tepfer
Coray's Silver Jubilee (4 face 4), Carol Ormand
Crunchy Cheese, Carol Ormand
Dance All Night (4 face 4), Rick Mohr
Dancing With A Pirate, Jo Mortland
Fairport Harbor, Paul Balliet
Fly Around My Pretty Littls Miss, Dale Wilson
Fruit Punch, Diane Silver
Furthermore, Scott Higgs
Hey There, Tom Hinds
Joyride, Eric Weberg
Mad Robin Migration, Jim Hemphill
Marian's Delight, Carol Kopp
Meliza's Magical Mystery Motion, Cary Ravitz
Of The Mills, John Gallagher
Paddy On The Computer Chair, Martha Wild
Pigtown Petronella, Cary Ravitz
Princeton Petronella, Bob Isaacs
Rick O'Shea's Hey, Jiim Hemphill
Rollin' and Tumblin', Cis HInkle
Snake River Reel, Peter Lippencott
There Is No Way To Peace, Peace Is The Way, Erik Hoffman
Trip to Lambertville, Steve Zakon-Anderson
Webster Hall Reel, Don Theyken
Winder in Summerland, Jeff Spero/James Hutson


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Helo Folks,

This group has been so quiet lately.  The group has been so important for me as I developed my Contra calling repertoire and skills, so I thought I'd initiate a conversation.

As I sit here programming a dance I realize that I do not have many dances without circles.  Many that I do have, do not have a Neighbor Swing, or have a Give & Take to cheat it out.  Those factors limit where and when I can use them.

I generally like to program two no circle dances in each half, and also a NO neighbor Swing dance in at least one half if not both halves of an evening.  Any thoughts on this?

Does anyone want to share some modern contras that have no Circles and no Give & Takes, but include a partner and neighbor swing.

Here are a few I have used.

Just for NEFFA, Linda Leslie
Rollin' and Tumblin'. Cis Hinkle
Rocket City Romp, Cis Hinkle
Travels with Rick and Kim, Shari Miller Johnson
Friday Night Fever, Tony Parkes

Rich Sbardella
Stafford, CT

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