Dancing Raindrops by Gene Hubert [original]

Root Beer Float adaptation of Root Beer Reel by Christine Hale; replace full chain

Road to California trad

Signs of Spring the one by Roberta Kogut

The Tourist by Ted Sannella

Washington Quickstep beg beg great for teaching actives and out on ends

Ted Under the Tent by Glen Morninstar



A1 Neighbor balance and box the gnat

Neighbor swing

A2 Gents cross the set to your partner; swing

B1 Right and Left through; over and back

B2 Circle Left 1X; twos arch, ones go thru

On 11/24/2015 8:22 AM, Rich Sbardella via Callers wrote:
I am looking for a few good contras with a R & L Thru that do not contain a Ladies chain. Any suggestions?

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