Saying "thank you" sincerely and joyfully is a really good, important thing. I'm glad you did it at a dance that obviously meant a lot to you!

Keith Tuxhorn
Austin, TX

On Sun, Apr 26, 2015 at 6:27 PM, Amy Larkin via Callers <> wrote:

This is great!  I believe people actually enjoy themselves more when they remember to show appreciation. 
Amy Larkin

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I called a dance last night in the town where I grew up (Bellingham, WA). It's always great to go back and see people with whom I learned to dance. Calling there makes me a little nervous, though, because I didn't start calling until I left there about 11 years ago.

Anyway, keeping in mind the recent discussion about clapping for the band, I did my utmost to make sure last night's band was well appreciated. They are a really good home-town band, and very fun to work with, so I didn't feel a need to fake it.

After the first dance there was a smattering of applause, so I said, "It is customary to applaud the band after each set." This sort of stopped them in their tracks and they responded well. The band was grinning at me. I then said, "I have also heard that bands perform better when they know they are being appreciated." This brought even more applause. I said they were dancing to the playing of "Northern Contraband" and I'd introduce the individual members later.

During the evening I smiled broadly at the band members, they responded with the same; I applauded at the ends of each dance, while looking and smiling at them; I whooped when it was appropriate (they threw in some really cool stuff, off the cuff) and the dancers joined in. All-in-all the band was very well-received and appreciated, they responded well to the attention, and the dancers were consistently appreciative the rest of the evening. I introduced the individual band members twice - once in the first half and once in the second. It helps that I know them and didn't have to read their names. I mentioned the sound person a few times, too. Everyone was smiling and happy. It was good.

I hope I can spread the joy at other gigs.


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