Hi, Maia!
I have some answers for you (see below); however, I don’t have #1 or #3.  I also don’t know what dance #2 is specifically, but have mentioned a very similar dance.
Hope this helps!
warmly, Linda

#2: I don’t have this dance, but there is one very much like it:  Joel’s in the Kitchen by Sue Rosen. Her dance has a different B1: Balance the ring, cross trails through, new N swing, but otherwise is the dance below.

 Becket – Left prog.   

A1  Long lines F&B / Ladies chain (to Nbr)

A2(Petronella) balance ring, spin to Right / Balance ring, spin to Right

 B1   [Square thru two]: Right hand balance w/partner, Pull by partner to face Nbr,

Along set pull by Nbr to face next neighbor

Swing new neighbor

B2  Circle Left ¾ / Partners Swing

 #4: Moments of Transition by Chris Page


A1: long lines

Circle L ¾

A2: N swing

Next N swing

B1: Prom across and SHIFT R (to face shadow)

Ladies R 1 ½

B2: shadow swing

Partner swing

(NEFFA ’14)

#5: Rollaway Sue by Bob Isaacs


A1: slice L

Gents chain

A2: bal ring, roll P away

N swing

B1: R/L thru

Ladies chain

B2: bal ring, roll N away

P swing

(NEFFA ’14)

#6: Trip to Hubert by Will Mentor


A1: star R

star L

A2: P courtesy turn and ladies cross

Swing N

B1: gents allemande left once and a half

P swing

B2: long lines (and gent roll lady)

Pass thru, turn R, prom single file to next

(NEFFA ’14)

#7: Manga Tak by Ron Buchanon


A1: N b&s

Pass ocean and balance

A2: N R ½, gents pull by L, P R ¾

B1: Shadow alle L 1x

P swing

B2: pass ocean, bal

P R ½, gents pull by, N R ¾ to next N

(NEFFA ’14)

#8: Duple, Improper    Mad Robin Landing    by Will Mentor

A1. N B&S
A2. Mad Robin (6)     gents go forward and right to start
      Gents Cross Set pass r with opp. gent  while   Ladies Slide Left into neighbors place  into Long 
               Waves (2)gents face out, ladies face in, partners holding right hands
        Bal Wave    
      Circulate       Ladies cross set while Gents loop right into partners place
B1. Bal Wave
      Circulate       Gents cross set while Ladies turn around
      Partner Swing
B2. Ladies Chain to neighbor
      Star L          face new neighbor