I don't know how well this can be communicated in a handout, but one thing I always try to say when I lead a beginners session is that my #1 goal is for them to have fun, and that my #2 goal is for them to come back! 

I say:

I hope you will come back and do this again, because it all makes more sense the second time you come dancing. You'll understand the terminology better, the feel of the moves, the pace of the dancing, and it will all start to click into place. So I hope you'll have fun, and I hope you will come back again.

I hope that is useful,
/Andy Shore

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Hello shared weight callers :)

Knowing that callers do so much to support brand new contra dancers, as a dance organizer, I have a question for you!

Ottawa Contra is working on a 1-pg handout to give to first time dancers.  The goal of the handout is to provide tidbits that will help convince first timers  to come back, that contra's accessible/they can be successful/climb that learning curve, and that contra's a great fit for them.  Who knows if the handout will actually work but we want to try as part of our focus on increasing the retention of all the beginners we get.

I have a few examples of other handouts but they often focus on explaining the specific moves. 

We're thinking more along things that speak to the spirit of contra/are inspiring PLLLUS great technical tips (nuggets!) that can make a huge different to their experience as beginners.

If you have any ideas, please pass them along. They may be little messages you feel every beginner should know, or even tips you provide in the beginner/intro lesson before the actual dance.

With much thanks!
Emily Addison in Ottawa ON

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