Champaign-Urbana may be switching over to gender-free, though not LGBTQ, as well - check with them to verify?

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There's also a gender free LGBTQ dance in Chicago. 

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On Mon, Jan 30, 2017 at 10:54 AM, Donna Hunt <> wrote:
Is there any data
that reflects where in the country the LGBTQ gender-free dances are and
where the communities that use gender-free terminology are?

The gender free dances are split into explicitly LGBTQ ones and ones
that are gender free but not explicitly LGBTQ.

I believe it's:

* Oakland CA
* Aptos CA (camp)
* Woodstock CT (camp)
* Becket MA (camp)
* Boston MA
* Montague MA
* New York City NY

Other gender free:
* San Jose CA
* Berkeley CA
* Hayward CA
* Portland ME
* Montpelier VT
* Amherst MA
* New York City (NY)
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