I am at the point that I want to reorganize my dance box to be able to better program an evening.   I plan to go to “categories of dance features”, and have listed what I am thinking for possible categories below.  

I am wondering how others organize their boxes - if categories, what do you include ?  Do you file Becket and/or Double Progression separately from “dance categories”, or just note on card ?   

Or do you have another suggestion ?   

Possible Categories:

Easy and ONS Contras
California Twirl
Full Hey
1/2 Hey
Down the Hall
Mad Robin
Short Wavy Lines
Long Wavy Lines
Zig Zag
Balance the Ring
Box The Gnat
? Four Facing Four
? Becket
? Double Progression 
? Unique (e.g. Wizards Walk)

Appreciate your suggestions !!   Thanks - Cheryl

Cheryl Joyal
630-667-3284 (cell)