Hi Robert,

I may be totally missing the point but, in Just Because, the chain and allemande are with *different* people. I agree that's a common bit of choreography with a well established history - particularly so in squares.

In the dance I referenced (and how I interpreted - perhaps erroneously - the original request), the person you chain to and the person you allemande with are the *same* people, and the moves proceed directly from one to the other for more than a minor fraction (see below).

I'm happy to let go any claim to uniqueness for this approach, should it matter. We all just add little bits to the foundations we've inherited.


Greenfield Tornado – Becket – Don Veino 20161218

Left Diagonal Slice & Take to Gent’s Side (Neighbor Swing)
[First time can be straight across Give & Take; Alternate A1 = Diagonal Circle Left 3/4, N Swing]

Ladies Chain (to P)
Partner Allemande Left 1+1/2x

Full Hey, Gents Pass Right to start

Partner Balance & Swing

End Effects: Wait out crossed over on Left Diagonal at ends.

(Note: as covered in my blog post on this dance, the same sequence but for the A2 was independently done previously by Linda Leslie as her dance Greenfield Storm. I modified my dance title as shown to honor hers, once I became aware of it.)

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Don..and all,

Dover, VT, in a square dance;  "Just Because"  Ted Glabach, caller:

A1  Head Ladies Chain  - Back
A2  Sides...the same

B1 Allemande Left on the Corner  (8)
      come home and Swing with Your Own  (8)
B2  Take the Corner maid and we'll all Promenade  (8)
       Because, just because  (8)

Tag  B3  Because, just because

Not a modern era dance, not in contra formation, but still in play.

Bob Livingston

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In case anyone might be under the assumption that I'd claimed to have invented the Ladies Chain or similar... :-)

My understanding of the context of the original post was looking for a modern era dance featuring Ladies Chain with Courtesy Turn, proceeding directly to a full Allemande Left with the same person. That's the sequence in my dance I referenced (and haven't encountered elsewhere before).

Fascinating and informative Chain history thread please continue...

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