#1 is Melody's Madness by David Glick -- naked in california has a similar figure, but 2 neighbor swings
#3 is Susie's Send Off – Scott Higgs
#7 is almost Manga Tak by Ron Buchannan -- timing in your transcription is off by just a bit

Manga Tak – Ron Buchannan                                                                      Improper

A1           N B&S

A2           Pass the ocean, Balance Wave

                Swing Thru (Alle R ½, gents L ½, P Alle R ¾ -> Shadow

B1           Shadow Alle L 1x

                P Sw

B2           Pass the Ocean, Balance

                Swing Thru (P alle R 1/2, Gents L 1/2), N Alle R ¾ [to new N]

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Hi all,

Cleaning out my pile of notes on excellent and unknown dances again. If anyone knows names/authors for these, shout it out! Thanks so much!



#1: ?????, imp. ("cool shadow dance")

A1: new neighbor balance and swing

A2: ladies bull by right to allemande partner L 3/4; shadow allemande 1 1/2

B1: in wavy lines w/ ladies facing out, balance, spin right to partner (like a half Rory O'Moore); partner swing

B2: circle L 3; do-si-do neighbor 1 1/2 to the next


#2: Becket – Left prog.   

Long lines F&B / Ladies chain (to Nbr)

(Petronella) balance ring, spin to Right / Balance ring, spin to Right

    [Square thru two]: Right hand balance w/partner, Pull by partner to face Nbr,

Along set pull by Nbr to face next neighbor

Swing new neighbor

Circle Left ¾ / Partners Swing


#3: Imp.

A1: long lines

Gents alle L 1 ½ to short waves (partner in R)

A2: balance, partner alle R ¾ to long waves

Balance and circulate

B1: balance and circulate

Balance and partner cross to swing

B2: circle L ¾

Pass thru and swing next

(Greenfield, Halloween Extravadance 2013)


#4: ???, becket

A1: long lines

Circle L ¾

A2: N swing

Next N swing

B1: Prom across and face R

Ladies R 1 ½

B2: shadow swing

Partner swing

(NEFFA ’14)

#5: ???, becket

A1: yearn L

Gents chain

A2: bal ring, roll P away

N swing

B1: R/L thru

Ladies chain

B2: bal ring, roll N away

P swing

(NEFFA ’14)


#6: ???,  imp

A1: star R

star L

A2: P courtesy turn and ladies cross

Swing N

B1: gents by R(?)

P swing

B2: long lines (and gent roll lady)

Pass thru, turn R, prom single file to next

(NEFFA ’14)


#7: ???, imp.

A1: N b&s

Pass ocean and balance

A2: N R ½, gents pull by L, P R ¾

B1: Shadow alle L 1x

P swing

B2: pass ocean, bal

P R ½, gents pull by, N R ¾ to next N

(NEFFA ’14)


#8: a frustrating fragment--loved this dance, but have no idea what the rest of the choreography is!!

mad robin gents in front à gents cross for long waves

balance and circ.

Balance and circ

P swing

(NEFFA ’14, Saturday)

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