I've been undecided, and stayed out of this discussion. But this helps me make a decision. I have a lot of respect for Martha and Grant (and am addicted to their podcast), so I'm going to experiment with using a different term.

I suspect the folk process will sort this out over time and that the most respected callers (e.g. those who are sought after for dance weeks and weekends) will probably influence what the rest of us do.

Bree Kalb
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Well, I have changed my opinion. 

I decided to talk to Martha Barnette and Grant Barrett at Away With Words about the g-word controversy, figuring that if anyone could shed light on the origins of the words and the ethical use of language it would be them.

They said that the origin is NOT the Welsh, but is indeed the same word used for the Romani people. And they also felt that it was a highly negative word and that we should try to find an alternative name for the move within our community. I think that the discussion will be on the next show - so if you are interested, tune in to Away With Words to hear their take on the subject.

I”d prefer a word that has a similar quality - a soft sound - and a similar two syllable nature to it. That’s why gyre is a little bit problematic for me, on top of whether to make it a hard or soft “g". Tipsy? Mimsy (going along with they Jabberwocky theme)? Gimbal or gambol isn’t bad but isn’t very soft sounding. But it would be good if we didn’t have 20 different terms in different groups so that dancers going from one place to another would be OK when medleys were called. I can’t say I like many of the suggestions yet.