Cary Ravitz calls the concept a black box. See his notes on choreography.

Dave Harding

> On July 11, 2018 at 11:58 AM Kalia Kliban via Callers <> wrote:
> John's comment reminds me that a while back, somebody posted (a link
> to?) a list of equivalent moves, things you could substitute for each
> other. I've hunted for it recently but apparently haven't come up with
> the right combination of search terms, and haven't been able to find it
> in the Shared Weight Archives either. Very handy for those times when
> you've just got way too many allemande L 1-1/2s in the program.
> Anybody know where that list might be?
> Kalia in Sebastopol
> On 7/11/2018 2:17 AM, John Sweeney via Callers wrote:
> > Hi Rich, If you have a great dance that you want to call but it has
> > a circle, and you have called too many circles, then why not just
> > rechoreograph it to remove the circle?
> >
> > For example you can replace Neighbour Swing; Circle Left 3/4;
> > Partner Swing with Neighbour Swing; Balance the Ring; Ladies Cross
> > Over (by the right shoulder); Partner Swing or with Neighbour Swing;
> > Ladies Balance F/B with Right Hand; Ladies Pull by; Partner Swing
> > with no effect on the rest of the dance.
> >
> > Both versions send the lady smoothly across the set, flowing into
> > her partner's arms with the right momentum. The second version can
> > be especially satisfying if the ladies use just enough tension to
> > catapult each other into their partner's arms.
> >
> > Happy dancing, John
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