I collected this dance from Frederick Park but he didn't have an author listed. It's a triple progression dance with no partner swing, which then is medleyed with Delphiniums and Daisies. It's not on the Caller's Box or Contra DB, which I've never encountered before!

Witches Stitches - author unknown (improper, triple progression)
A1 New neighbors balance and swing
A2 Circle L, Star L, face out of star
B1 With NN allemande R 1 1/2 (1st progression)
With next NN allemande L 1 1/2 (2nd progression)
B2 with couple across, hey for 4 by the right
end facing up or down along the set for 3rd progression

It's interesting and flows perfectly with Delphiniums and Daisies. I've called this combination once or twice and dancers seem satisfied when I switch dances and they finally get to swing their partner. Anyone ever encounter this dance? Does anyone know the choreographer? Thanks!