Hi! Had an idea and wanted to share it with y'all! 

Venturing Vortices
Improper by Kelsey Hartman 3.18.2017
{Started out as a dance written for the Ides of March (called Berkeley dance 3.15.2017) called "Take a Stab at It,"
(Sharon Gavin suggested the title) 
but the B1's timing didn't quite work. Loved the flow of the A1 and A2 so re-wrote the ending and renamed it.}
A1: (16) Balance the ring and jersey twirl to swing neighbor 
A2: (16) Gents start 1/2 hey and ladies ricochet back to partner SWING
B1: (16) (eFace away from partner) pass Shadow #1 by left, Shadow #2 by right, LEFT shoulder round Shadow #3, RETURN pass #2 by right, #1 by left 
B2: (8) Circle Left with partner and current neighbors 3/4, CA twirl and (8) Circle Right 1x around (move it!)

Would love comments...thanks, Dan Veino for sharing the jersey twirl...

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