I called this last night at Childgrove in Saint Louis.  There were lots of positive comments from the dancers, but a couple of them said something like "You should warn us how busy the end of the dance is.  Unless everybody really boogied we were late to the wavy line."

Thanks, Ron.  Another winner.


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I'm pretty behind publishing a year or so of dances, but wanted to check in since this one may be done?

I riffed off Nils' Spring Fever, swapping petronellas for the circulate, then changed the simple B2 to fit the ending in a wave. Test driven Sunday in Greenfield, MA.

Going Out For Bao
Ron T Blechner
D.I., start in long waves with Larks facing out, Ravens facing in

A1. Bal Wave, Ravens X, Larks Loop R (4,4)
       Bal Wave, Larks X, Ravens Loop R (4,4)
A2. N B+S (4,12)
B1. Larks Lead 1/2 Hey, Ravens Ricochet, Partner Swing (16)
B2. Pass Thru Straight Across (4ish) (face P)
       P Alle L 1x (6ish)
       Larks Pull By R (2ish)
       N Alle L 1 + 1/4 (6ish) (RH to New N to form waves)
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