Hi Martha,


Interesting idea about transitions and poise points.  I’m working on a dance with transitions I think are interesting, but worry they could be too jarring (have not tried it on human salt shakers yet).  Here’s the first part:


Start: improper

A1           1-4          Ladies chain up and down set to neighbor, courtesy turn (at end releasing right hand, hold on to the left, facing each other across the set)

                                5-8          Swat the flea

A2           1-8          (turn up/down the set to) Balance and swing partner


One possible way to “smooth” the transition from the courtesy turn might be to release the right hand early and use left hands to turn the lady under (clockwise, lady turn right) before going into the balance for the swat, but I resist having it be a forced twirl.  Perhaps folks would “discover” that on their own.


What other transistions or poise points do folks find interesting?


Thanx, Ric Goldman



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Hi, all. Actually, I think the transition from the petronella to the ladies chain is a good one. There are certain moves in dancing, that I’ve heard called “poise points,” where one purposefully switches direction, and it can be very satisfying. For me, the spin to the right feels like the winding up of a spring that you then unleash in the other direction. Some dances that look as if they have good flow end up having so much clockwise spin that it tires people.


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Hi Esther,

   If anyone has not mentioned it, I feel there is a kink in the flow trying to go from a petronella to a chain.  As you spin R, it is the left hand which feels available as you face the set because your body has been rotating clockwise, even as it move CCW around the minor set. So there will be this washing machine action to get into the chain.  You might be counting on the claps to arrest that movement, but I still feel it's not an especially satisfying entry into the chain.  A gents chain, otoh, would be peachy.


What, to you, is the hook in this dance? What were you going for?  




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Hey folks,


Has anyone seen this dance already?


A1: Balance the ring & petronella

       Ladies Chain

A2: Full Hey, Ladies pass R (16)

B1: Ladies Chain

      P Allemande L

B2: Balance the ring & Petronella

       Balance the ring & California twirl


Also interested in other dances that have a Ladies' Chain to into Allemande Left (with the one you chain to) combo. I think I might have seen it somewhere, but I can't remember where.



Esther Fraser

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