My current set (probably due for modification / update soon).  In particular, I really need to improve the divisions in "smooth" dances.  But it has served me reasonably well for a while now....  You are welcome to what of it is useful.  Hope it helps!

Smooth (with heys)
Smooth (without)
Ring Balance
Rory O'Moore
Long to Short Waves
Allemande (without waves of any sort)
Along the set (pull by's, zig zag, big oval promenade, etc)
Down the hall
Star Promenade
Square Thru
Tune Specific
4 face 4
Contra corners
Multiple progression
Singing Squares
One Night Stand / Party Dances

On Fri, Apr 7, 2017 at 9:20 PM Cheryl Joyal via Callers <> wrote:
I am at the point that I want to reorganize my dance box to be able to better program an evening.   I plan to go to “categories of dance features”, and have listed what I am thinking for possible categories below.  

I am wondering how others organize their boxes - if categories, what do you include ?  Do you file Becket and/or Double Progression separately from “dance categories”, or just note on card ?   

Or do you have another suggestion ?   

Possible Categories:

Easy and ONS Contras
California Twirl
Full Hey
1/2 Hey
Down the Hall
Mad Robin
Short Wavy Lines
Long Wavy Lines
Zig Zag
Balance the Ring
Box The Gnat
? Four Facing Four
? Becket
? Double Progression 
? Unique (e.g. Wizards Walk)

Appreciate your suggestions !!   Thanks - Cheryl
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