Circling around to post back the results, just in case the Doodle poll ever goes away... thanks for all the responses!

We had 15 participants in the poll, with the following results.

Through    Count
-------    -----
6        3
9        14
12        5

Of those 15 responses, 7 included 2 or more selections for Times Through. In addition to Michael's comment in the thread below, the Doodle included one from Alan Winston:

"12 if they're really enjoying it and especially if I only have six dancers and have to think of something else afterward - let's keep the dance to instruction ratio high. Most typically 9, because it's a sufficient hassle to get break up your room into triplets that you want to earn that time back. Six if you have strong dancers who will get bored."

Thanks again,

On Mon, Apr 4, 2016 at 2:32 PM, Michael Barraclough <> wrote:
I believe that the "traditional" method is 3 times fully prompted, 3 times partially prompted and 3 times with no prompt.
Michael Barraclough

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I've been adding Triplets into my programs in certain situations and have given some thought about the duration to run them. I'm curious what others have determined - how many times through do *you* run a Triplet? Let's see if we can get a consensus value via a simple poll:

It would be helpful to me if you'd focus quantitative responses through the poll.

Discussion or qualitative responses which inform your poll input are welcome here in this thread.



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