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William Watson wjw1961 at gmail.com
Sun Nov 6 23:18:24 PST 2011

A couple of weeks ago, Jim Saxe mentioned:

>  * The _Dance Gypsy_ Dance and Festival Finder
>        http://www.thedancegypsy.com/eventList.php
>  * Ted Crane's Dance Database
>        http://tedcrane.com/DanceDB/

> I have no idea what combination of automated scripts and manual
> intervention any of these sites use to collect their information...
> Perhaps others on this list can shed some light on these matters.

I submit information to both of these sites.  Each has an
idiosyncratic data entry system.  Both are painful.  As far as I know,
neither of these sites uses any automated tools for collecting data.
If someone doesn't manually enter the data, it doesn't appear.
(Thanks to this discussion, I remembered to add the latest information
I manage!)

I maintain the schedule information for the Corvallis Folklore Society
(http://cfs.peak.org/dance/calendar.php) and the Eugene Folklore
Society (http://eugenefolklore.org/dances.php#danceschedule) here in
Oregon.  I "inherited" management of both sites, and updated them to
at least use standard XHTML, with a tiny bit of PHP doing little more
than supporting an "include" function.  I code in raw HTML to update
the sites.  It's pretty tedious.  I'm considering moving the Eugene
site to wordpress, but haven't looked into it much at all.  I'm glad
to hear of Lisa's experience.  That provides a bit more encouragement
for choosing wordpress.

A Corvallis dancer is working on an upgrade to their site, using
Python and Django.  His first task was to replace/update the on-line
registration process for the Corvallis dance weekend
(http://corvallisfolklore.org/ccw).  Perhaps I should point him in the
direction of the ICAL standard.

Best regards,

a contra dancer since 1989, caller since 1992, and Oregon resident since 2001.

P. S.  Sorry not to engage in this conversation more promptly.  I have
this mailing list set to use my mailing list email address.  Given the
low traffic volume, perhaps I should change to use my "regular"
address (williamcallscontras at gmail.com).

wjw1961 at gmail.com
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William J. Watson

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