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Our group in St Louis purchased a Kawai electric piano about 7 years ago (I think the model was EP3).  We had one of our local musicians test several models and she like this one best - especially liked the action.
It doesn't have a lot of features, but visiting musicians' comments have been favorable.
Including Martha Edwards on this reply - she has had more contact with the musicians who have used it
Mac McKeever

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Princeton Country Dancers has happily used a Roland keyboard
for our contra and English dances for many years, but it's finally wearing
out and needs to be replaced.

We are considering replacing it with one of the following:

Kawai ES100
Yamaha P-255
Roland RD-300NX
Kurzweil SPS4-8

Does your dance group use any of these (or different models
by the same manufacturer) and, if so, what do your pianists
think of the sound and feel? Also, how durable have the keyboards
been, ie how often have they needed to be repaired?

Thanks for your help.

Larry Koplik
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