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Dear Shared Weight Organizers List,

I know the list has been fairly quiet over the last year and while this
isn't a direct question posed to get conversation starts, it's directly
applicable for some of you and many of the rest of you are likely to find
it interesting.

Please note --- the survey below is targeted towards CANADIAN organizers of
trad events!

The Country Dance and Song Society (CDSS) **wants to hear from you** as we
look at *how to best support *local organizers* of traditional dance music
and song throughout Canada*. We see local organizers like you as key to
creating the vibrant and thriving traditional dance, music and song scenes
we all care about!

We are running a *survey of local organizers until November 17th*. The goal
of the survey is to learn: What are you organizing? What successes are you
having? What challenges do you face? What immediate needs do you have? What
ideas have you thought of for growing your community/activities? What
supports would help you in the work that you do?

Whether you are involved in PEI fiddling, NFLD traditional song, Metis step
dancing, or other (as there are so many!) each tradition is culturally
significant.  They reflect the shared values and heritage of that community
and help to define a sense of identity and belonging for individuals.

Yet despite the diversity, there is much commonality in the organizational
requirements across traditions.  For instance, organizers of a Cape Breton
traditional square dance, contra dance in British Columbia, and les danses
folkloique Québécoises often do similar work, share similar challenges and
could benefit from similar supports. By sharing with each other, we create
more vibrant and resilient communities for all.

By participating in the survey, you are not only informing CDSS on what we
can do to support organizers throughout the country, but also other
umbrella arts organizations and the Canada Council for the Arts with whom
we will be sharing the findings.  We will work to take action on common
interests that arise from the survey, some in partnership with other
umbrella organizations and many of which would be free or at little cost.
We will also look at ways to address various particular interests where we
can.  (As a participant, you will be emailed a copy of the findings.)


Complete the online survey by Thursday, November 17th. It will take 15-20
SURVEY LINK HERE: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/CDSSCanadianOrganizers-EN

We hope that multiple organizers from the same group will participate.
Also - please share with other local organizers in your area. As you know,
connections within our traditions are often by word-of-mouth!

More information about the survey and larger project is available below.

We look forward to hearing from you,

*Emily Addison (pourparler list member) and also Sarah PilzerThe CDSS
Canadian Initiative*



*Who is an organizer ... for the purpose of this survey?*
For the purpose of this survey, an organizer is anyone involved in making a
traditional dance, music, or song event, activity, or community happen. The
activities vary widely from house concerts to dances, folk clubs, song
circles, group lessons, jam sessions, festivals, etc. Organizers can be
volunteers OR paid, single individuals OR committees, part of a non-profit
OR commercial business, new OR experienced, run one-off-events OR ongoing
series - you name it!

*What traditions are included ... for the purpose of this survey?*
CDSS' core focus has been on traditions that have evolved in N America
and/or those with English roots.  For example, traditional square dancing
from places like Cape Breton and Quebec fit well having evolved in N
America.  Think everything from morris teams, traditional song circles,
old-time music jam sessions, step-dancing traditions from all over, folk
clubs that present traditional music concerts, etc. AND - we are still very
much interested in hearing and supporting the wider trad scene.  Thus, if
organizers involved in trad activities such as Irish set dancing,
scandinavian jam sessions, or international folk want to participate,
please do!

*Who is CDSS?*
CDSS has been a leader and partner of traditional dance, music, and song
across North America for over a century.  We provide services to members as
well as the wider traditional dance, music and song community in Canada.
If you're interested in knowing more, visit cdss.org
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