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Ditto to several things Perry said, particularly under 4, use "ALL" method
available, and have the policy on how you decide & when you post on your
site, on flyers, in email, announced at events, etc.

Indianapolis, where I have been but am not currently on the board, used
cancellation of evening events in the city schools as our main trigger
because that was decided by a specific time and announced widely on tv &
radio (etc.) We eventually needed more precision, as "Indianapolis Public
Schools" evening events might be cancelled, but then one school would go
ahead an hold an athletic event :( Unfortunately, we couldn't just name a
specific school, since that school might not have events to cancel that

Over the years we also had to cancel a few times owners of the hall we
danced at didn't want to risk liability, or require their staff to work.

Location of the hall relative to the core group of dancers and talent may
tilt toward or away from cancelling events.  Bloomington, IN, has not (I'm
told) cancelled a regular dance since sometime in the 1970's because they
have core members who live close enough to the hall to walk in (so far) any
weather, and can come up with at least a handful of people who can dance
(one while calling) and a musician. It can be zero outside, snowing,
blowing, the scheduled band or caller might not be able to come, but if
hell hasn't frozen over they're going to do at least a a couple of dances.

Kathryn C. Millis

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> Hi all,
> In Rochester NY we are often blessed with unpredictably significant
> quantities of snow over a short time.
> Generally speaking, it is known by 3pm if the evening dance will cancelled
> due to weather.
> We are reviewing our procedures for canceling the dance, and wondered what
> other communities do to:
> 0) Decide if a dance should be cancelled?
>     We are thinking of basing it off Winter Storm Warning by National
> Weather Service
> 1) Let the community know the dance is cancelled
>     Easier if everyone knows to check for a Winter Storm Warning...
>     But post on website, and facebook event page are also done here
> 2) Compensate performers who have arrived or are en-route when the dance
> is cancelled.
>     In particular, touring performers who may be in the city on their way
> to the next gig...
> Any thoughts are appreciated.
> Bob Fabinski
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