[Organizers] Word cloud words for a contra poster???

JD Erskine via Organizers organizers at lists.sharedweight.net
Fri Dec 23 20:10:50 PST 2016

On 2016-12-22 1216, Emily Addison via Organizers wrote:
> Hi fellow organizers :)


> Things like... community, super fun, great exercise, live music....

> Any ideas for words you find sell the experience???? ???

Nice idea.

> Has anyone made a contra word cloud before????

No, simply used a few related words in event descriptions or on posters.

Keywords/tags used here:

Live music
All dances taught
All dances taught & prompted
Dances taught on the spot
Try it!
Intro session
Bring your friends


Tea & goodies
Real Ale
50/50 Raffle

as appropriate, natch.

Some events here use All Ages as a tag, which in BC is also code for a 
dry/no-bar event.

> :)
> Emily in Ottawa

Cheers, John
J.D. Erskine
Victoria, BC

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